Welcome to our Ministries Page!!

Here you will find all the things that are happening at the Church!! Come back often for Updates on the different events!!

Candlelight Circle

Women of our church bring his light,

support and service to others- especially women

Youth Group

As of right now youth group will be postponed,

if you would like to be informed on updates please contact the church to be on the youth email list 

 More information will be out soon  

Woman's Group

This is a women’s Bible study that is hosted once a week.

It will start back up in the fall!! 


Kids Ministries

Come with us on this Super Adventure on Sunday mornings and learn all about the Heroes we have in the bible, We will be learning about Moses, Daniel, Mary, Jesus and so many more. Lets do some fun games and activites together to learn the Super Stores with these Super People!!